Getting over someone who’s cared for you…been through things with you… just everything. It’s hard. It’s hard not to be mad when I see him so openly looking at other girls.

But he was never mines to begin with, his heart always belonged to his ex’s.Now the relationship’s died and so has our love for each other. He’s gotten over me in a flash and I still have to stumble and try to not think about it. 

Today I felt like crying…I was alone. My “friend’s” left me to do what, I dont know, and I was alone. So I walked around the neighborhood, I don’t know where I walked. But I just did. 

I did get a few tears out inside the shop. While I was in the back and no one was there I silently cried. A couple of tears went down my cheek but I acted as if I was okay. I put on sunglasses so no one could really see.

He was ignoring me today too I think….

I just wish I could disappear… And now he’s bringing two girls with him to central mass. Two of his exs? I was so surprised…

And I hate it how this whole text post is about him.

I need to stay strong. And believe that I am strong.


Today was a weird day. 

Getting over my ex is making me go bananas, but at the same time I know I can get through it.

Getting to central mass isnt even on my mind anymore, I gave up on trying to go.

Getting a job is something that I gave up on too.

Today I was part of a group but I still felt alone….I feel stronger now. 

Knowing that I can come from such heartbreak has made me feel strong. This is only the beginning for me.

written my day